Block Mounting

We block mount, photo mount or laminate mount anything that’s printed or on paper!

Block mounting / photo mounting (also known as laminating mounting) is the most professional looking cost-effective way to mount any type of photograph, picture, graphic image, or other printed paper.

Whether you’re block mounting or photo mounting your favourite photographs, pictures, posters, limited edition prints, or works of art, for your home or office, Melbourne Indigo Block Mounting and Photo Mounting will provide exceptional quality, superior customer satisfaction, on time delivery, and great prices… guaranteed.

Unlike most other framing shops, all of our mounting is done by our expert technicians on site, which eliminates unnecessary shipping and handling of your project (and any damage that it might cause), and minimises your turnaround time.

What is block mounting, photo mounting and laminating mounting, and why choose it?

Block mounting is the process of adhering (laminating) a photograph, poster or any other printed paper onto a rigid backing board, which in most cases would be a “block” of MDF wooden board. Photo mounting or laminating mounting are more general terms that would encompass adhering to other backing boards in addition to MDF, (e.g., foam core, gatorboard, etc.).

As opposed to picture framing, where your photo, poster or other printed item is mounted within a mat, covered in glass, and surrounded by a decorative frame, block mounting / photo mounting provides a clean frameless modern look. It’s light weight, and can be heat sealed with a transparent laminate for additional protection and durability, (which is another reason why this process is often called laminating mounting – see laminating services for further details).

Aside from being a popular affordable alternative to framing, block / photo mounting’s extra depth, dimension, and clean frameless appearance is often preferred for many applications.

Block mounting / photo mounting / laminating mounting is perfect for:

  • Photograph mounting
  • Picture mounting
  • Poster mounting, (e.g., movie posters, educational posters, corporate marketing posters, inspirational posters, etc.)
  • Limited edition print mounting
  • Artwork / art mounting
  • Digital print mounting
  • Canvas mounting
  • Advertising mounting
  • Corporate displays
  • Retail signage and display mounting
  • Exhibition and trade show graphics mounting

How to block mount / photo mount your photograph, poster, or other item

Step 1 – Deliver your printed piece to be block / photo mounted

ring in your photo, poster, or other printed piece to one of our photo / block mount locations, or email us the file and we can print it for you, (see digital printing).

Step 2 – Choose your block mounting / photo mounting backing board

Choose the type and thickness of the backing board you would like your piece mounted to. The most common block mount / photo mounting / laminating mounting backing boards are:

  • Medium Density Fibreboard (M.D.F.), or MDF Wooden Board. MDF mounting laminates your piece to medium density fibre board (M.D.F.), a composite wood product made from wood fibres glued together with resin under heat and pressure, creating a smooth, uniform surface that resists warping. Standard thickness of MDF wooden board for M.D.F. mounting is 10mm, however, other thicknesses are available upon request.
  • Foam Core, Foamcore, or Foam Board. Foam core mounting (also known as foamcore or foam board mounting), laminates your piece to foam core, a lightweight, sturdy, rigid board made from adhering a sheet of paper to each side of a foam core. Standard thicknesses of foam core for foam core mounting / foam board mounting are 5mm and 10mm.
  • Gatorboard, or Gator Foam. Gatorboard mounting, or Gator Foam mounting, laminates your piece to a backing board similar to foam core. Gatorboard / Gator Foam is like a foam core board, only heavier and more durable as it is made from bonding a sheet of luxcell wood fibre veneer to each side of an extruded polystyrene board. Standard thicknesses of Gatorboard for gatorboard mounting / gator foam mounting are 5mm and 10mm.
  • Other. There are various other specialty backing surfaces used for laminating mounting that are available upon request, including Kapa board, Kraft board, Printboard, PVC, Styrene, Aluminum Composite Panels, Card mounting, Acrylic, etc.

If you’re unsure of the most appropriate backing board for your block mounting / photo mounting application, please feel free to contact and consult with our block mount / picture mounting specialists.

Step 3 – Choose any additional block mounting / photo mounting options

Select any additional block mounting / photo mounting / laminating mounting options or finishes, for example:

  • Would you like your piece to be laminated with an additional clear protective top coat, i.e., heat sealed with a transparent laminate on top for additional protection and durability? (Options include UV inhibiting high gloss, matte finish or Sandtex laminate.) (See laminating services.)
  • Would you like your MDF board to have black or white edges?
  • Would you like 3D Block Mounting, whereby a 20-50mm spacer box is added to the back of your mounting board to allow your picture to stand out from the wall, giving it more depth, and the appearance of “floating” off the wall.
  • For additional premium services or finishes please consult with our expert mounting specialists.

Step 4 – Your piece is precision block / photo mounted and finished

Your piece is then acid-free glued and heat vacuum pressed onto the backing board of your choice, and finished to your requirements. The appropriate picture hanging system is attached, and then your piece is carefully wrapped ready for pick-up or shipment.

To create the perfect photo / laminated / block mount piece for your home, office, business, or trade show, visit or contact one of our Melbourne block mounting and photo mounting shops to consult with our expert block mount / picture mounting craftsman, (see our block mounting and photo mounting locations or contact us today)

For frequently asked questions relating to any type of mounting, including picture mounting, poster mounting, canvas mounting, art mounting, foam core mounting, foam board mounting, printing mounting, MDF mounting, or block mounting posters, click here... or better yet, give us a call.