Canvas Picture Framing and Canvas Printing in Melbourne

Expert Digital Printing on Canvas – Transform Photos into Canvas Works of Art!

Whether you need photo canvas printing to turn your digital images and photos into stunning canvas print works of art for your home or business, or as a gift to last a lifetime,  Indigo Framing’s Photo Canvas Printing and Canvas Stretching Services will provide exceptional quality, superior customer satisfaction, on-time delivery, and great prices – guaranteed.

Turn your digital images, photos, and art into spectacular canvas prints with our state-of-the-art premium canvas printing services in Melbourne.Our exceptional quality materials and services that set us apart from other canvas printing shops include:

  • On site production. All of our production is done on site by our own in-house expert canvas print / photo on canvas designers and framers, which eliminates unnecessary shipping and handling of your project (and any damage that it might cause), and minimises your turnaround time.
  • Finest printers. Our premium 6 colour museum quality archival (pigment) ink and professionally colour calibrated printers produce the brightest, most vibrant, high-contrast, longest lasting canvas prints possible.
  • Finest canvases. We use only the best canvases available for prints on canvas in Melbourne.Our canvases are bright white, water resistant, heavyweight archival-grade, and fade-tested to last 100 years.
  • Superior frames. Our premium-quality, kiln-dried, hard wood frames (stretcher bars) are more sturdy and more resistant to twisting and warping over time. Our frames are also “profiled” (bevelled) on both sides to not only allow your canvas prints to hang flush against the wall, but to prevent “ghosting”, where over time you would otherwise see an impression of the inside frame edge from the front of the canvas. The outside edges of our frames are also rounded to prevent cracking of your canvas prints / canvas photo prints over time.
  • Additional services. Our expert canvas print / photos on canvas designers can provide the following additional services as needed: scanning prints, photos, negatives, transparencies and slides, photo retouching and restoration, custom colouring (sepia, B&W, etc.), spray lamination, and the creation of multi-panel/image canvases (diptych or triptych).
  • Complete framing solutions. Whether you need your digital image or photo printed on canvas only, or then stretched and custom framed from a myriad of options, our full printing on canvas services, canvas stretching, and framing shops can deliver the best solution for your needs and budget.
  • Professional delivery. On-time, professional delivery of your prints on canvas rolled, stretched, or completely custom framed – guaranteed

What Are Canvas Prints, Photo Canvases and Canvas Printing?

A canvas print (or photos on canvas) is the result of an image being printed onto canvas and then stretched and/or gallery-wrapped onto a frame for display. Canvas printing (aka printing on canvas) is the process of creating a canvas print from a photo or other digital image.

How to Create Canvas Prints or Photos on Canvas from Your Digital Image, Photo, Negative, Transparency or Slide

Step 1 – Deliver your digital image, photo, or other media you’d like us to print on canvas

Bring in or email your image, photo, negative, transparency or slide to one of our canvas print / photo canvas / canvas printing locations.

Step 2 – Choose the type of canvas you would like your canvas print / photos on canvas printed on

We use only the best canvas picture framing available, which is bright white, water resistant, heavyweight archival-grade, and fade-tested to last 100 years:

  • Artist canvas (poly / cotton blend, 390 gsm)
  • Museum canvas, the ultimate in archival quality (100% cotton, 440 gsm)

Step 3 – Let us know if you require any additional services or custom canvas print / photos on canvas options

Our expert canvas print / photos on canvas designers and framers can assist you with a multitude of custom output options, including:

  • Custom colouring (e.g., sepia, B&W, etc.)
  • Spray lamination, for additional protection
  • Creation of multi-panel/image canvases (e.g., diptych, triptych)

Step 4 – Choose if and how you would like your canvas print / photos on canvas finished

Similar to standard digital printing of images and photos, there are a number of ways to finish your canvas prints / canvas photo prints for display:

  • Canvas stretching – where your canvas prints / photos on canvas are stretched across a wood frame (stretcher bars) and secured by staples into the side edges. Canvas stretching is done in preparation for custom framing, and generally is not a finished look for hanging in itself.
  • Gallery wrap – where the canvas print / photos on canvas are stretched around a wood frame (stretcher bars) and secured by staples into the back of the frame. Gallery wrapping hides the staples on the back of the frame, thereby leaving the sides of the stretched canvas visible and presentable for display. When gallery wrapping, you will want to choose what your sides will look like, with the most popular options being:
    • Full bleed wrap – Where the full image is wrapped around the edges, thereby continuing the image to the sides. (This would be the most common, however, you will lose a few centimetres of the image to the wrap, so you’ll want to make sure there are no important details on the edge of the image.)
    • Mirror wrap – Where the outermost few centimetres of your image are duplicated and “mirrored” at the edge of the frame thus maintaining your entire image on the front of the canvas print. (This works best when the section being “mirrored” is a non-descript background, rather than important or distinct details.)
    • Stretched pixel wrap – Where the outermost pixel around the edge of your image is stretched sideways to fill the wrapped side edges. This option also maintains your entire image on the front of the canvas print by producing a blurred continuation of the outermost pixels of your image.
    • Colour wrap – Where a dominant (or feature) colour from your image is used to fill in the wrapped side edges. (This works well when there is a person or other distinct feature on the edge of the image where a mirror wrap or stretched pixel wrap wouldn’t look good.)
    • Multiple panel wrap – Is used when you would like your image printed across multiple panels (e.g., diptych, triptych), where we would overlap the printing on the wrapped side edges so that when viewed on the wall from an angle it visually continues the image from one panel to the next, thereby enhancing its three-dimensional effect.
    • Rolled – If you only need your canvas prints / canvas photo prints printed, we’ll gladly output them for you and package them rolled for pick-up or delivery.

Step 5 – Your canvas prints / photos on canvas are professionally digitally printed and finished per your requirements

Utilising our state-of-the-art, fully colour calibrated, museum-quality archival ink, professional large format digital printers, and your selected canvas material, we digitally print your piece with the greatest care. And with every attention to detail, we then trim, stretch, frame or roll your canvas print / photos on canvas, and package it for pick-up or delivery – on time, every time.

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