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Digital Print Specialists – We Print Exceptional Quality Small to Large Format Digital Printing

Digital printing is the most cost-effective way to print high-quality, low quantity colour prints, and is perfect for printing onto photographic paper, canvas, fabric, and other textiles. In fact, digital printing is often the only financially feasible way to print small quantities of high-quality prints, especially when doing large format digital printing. (For digital printing on canvas see our canvas printing and stretching services.)

Whether you need large format printing or you want to digitally print photos, posters, charts, graphics, collages, or other visual materials for your home or business, Indigo Framing’s Digital Printing Services will provide exceptional quality, superior customer satisfaction, on-time delivery, and great prices – guaranteed.

What is Digital Printing and Why Choose It?

Digital printing is a method of printing where the data and images are printed directly from a computer onto paper, canvas, fabric, or other suitable material.

The greatest advantages of digital printing over traditional offset or process printing are:

  • Digital printing is much more cost-effective when printing small quantity runs, especially for one to 100 pieces, as well as for large format printing.
  • Digital printing allows customisation and/or personalisation of each print which may not be feasible with traditional printing.
  • Digital printing, unlike conventional offset printing, can be printed onto many different types of materials, including various papers like photo paper, gloss paper, coated paper, film for light boxes (as in Duratrans), banner materials, art materials, canvas, fabrics, and other textiles.
  • High–end digital printing systems such as ours print with 6 ink colours (as opposed to 4 for process printing), giving the print much greater photo realism, colour depth, and quality.

How to Digital Print Your Photo, Canvas, Graphics or Other Visual Materials

Step 1 – Deliver your digital image or data file to be printed

Bring in or email your image or data file of your photo, poster, graphics, or other visual materials to one of our digital printing / photo printing locations.

Step 2 – Choose the material you would like to use for your digital printing

Choose the type of paper, canvas, or other material you would like your image or data to be printed on.The most common digital printing / photo printing materials are:

  • Photo papers, (gloss, matte, semi–gloss, etc.)
  • Canvas (e.g. artist grade canvas). For digital printing on canvas, see our canvas printing and stretching services.
  • Film (Duratrans, etc.)
  • Art material (watermark, fine art materials, etc.)
  • Other materials on special request.

Step 3 – Choose how you would like to finish your digital printing

Select any additional digital printing / photo printing options or finishes, for example:

  • Would you like your digital print custom framed?  (See our custom framing services)
  • Would you like your digital print block mounted, such as adhered to a rigid foam core, MDF or gatorboard backing board? (See our block mounting services)
  • Would you like your digital print laminated, i.e. heat sealed with a transparent laminate on top for additional protection and durability?  (See our laminating services)
  • Would you like your digital print canvas stretched and/or framed?  (See our canvas printing and stretching)
  • Or just trimmed and sleeved, wrapped, or tubed for pick–up or shipment?

Step 4 – Your digital print / photo is professionally printed and finished per your requirements

Utilising our state-of-the-art, fully colour-calibrated professional small and large format digital printing systems, and your selected output material, we digitally print your piece with the greatest care. (Seriously, we literally wear white gloves, and meticulously ensure there are no creases, scratches, or any other print blemishes!)

We then trim, stretch, frame, block mount, laminate, and/or package your digital print / photo for pick-up or delivery – on-time, every time.

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For pristine digital printing of your photos, prints, graphics, or other visual materials for your home or business, visit or contact one of our Melbourne digital printing services / digital photo printing shops to consult with our expert digital printing specialists. See our Melbourne digital printing / photo printing locations or contact us today.

For frequently asked questions regarding our digital printing services and digital photo printing, including large format digital printing, click here.