Gallery & Conservation Framing

Highest quality gallery and museum standards framing

We offer the highest standards of gallery framing and museum quality conservation framing materials and techniques.

Whether you’re framing personal items for preservation, business items for archiving, photographs for a gallery exhibition, or works of art for a museum collection, Melbourne Indigo Gallery Framing and Conservation Framing will provide exceptional quality, superior customer satisfaction, on time delivery, and great prices… guaranteed.

What is conservation framing?

Conservation framing (also known as preservation framing, archival framing, and museum framing) is using the highest museum standard framing materials and techniques that will ensure the best preservation of your artwork, photos, certificates, or other framed objects.

As a general rule, we deliver exceptional quality products and services to all our customers through the use of conservation framing quality materials and techniques, (e.g., certified acid free and PH balanced materials, etc.); however, we also offer 100% museum quality conservation framing to the most discerning and demanding of customers, galleries, and museums.

To achieve 100% museum quality conservation framing we utilise:

  • 100% certified acid free and PH balanced materials, including museum quality 100% cotton mount and backing boards, neutral PH adhesives, soluble adhesives, etc.
  • Materials used for mounting will not negatively affect the piece
  • All mounting is fully reversible
  • All frames are sealed with a polypropylene backing material to act as a moisture barrier to protect your piece
  • Acrylic glazing can be used to block up to 99% of UV light, (and upon request, museum grade UV blocking glass or non-reflective glass is available)
  • Consultation with qualified art conservators as needed

NOTE: Unlike most other framing shops, all of our picture framing, including our gallery framing and conservation framing, is done by our expert picture framers on site, which eliminates unnecessary shipping and handling of your project (and any damage that it might cause), and minimises your turnaround time.

Whether your piece will hang in your home, office, gallery, or museum, visit or contact one of our Melbourne gallery framing and conservation framing shops to consult with our expert picture framers, (see our gallery framing and conservation framing locations or contact us today).

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