Laminating in Melbourne

Protect and Preserve By Laminating Posters and Other Visual Material

Are you interested in laminating posters, photos, and pictures? Do you want to preserve your most important papers and documents, or need to display signage and graphics for your business? Melbourne Indigo Laminating Services will provide exceptional quality, superior customer satisfaction, on-time delivery, and great prices – guaranteed.

Laminating in Melbourne – What Is It, and Why Choose It?

Double-sided lamination bonds to, and coats the top and bottom surfaces, such as when block mounting an item, whereas encapsulating lamination is the ultimate in protection by bonding both sides with additional bleed over the edges to make it completely tear-proof, air tight, and waterproof.

The most common reasons for laminating posters and other materials are to make them more durable and protect them from damage in handling and use. Additionally, not only does lamination protect the item, but it can enhance its contrast and colour, as well as preserve the colour with its UV inhibitors.

Lamination is the easiest and least expensive way to preserve your most important papers and documents, as well as protect frequently handled items from wear and tear. We can laminate nearly anything, but most commonly our laminating services include:

  • Document laminating, (e.g., A3 and A4 laminating of business documents, price lists, etc.)
  • Printing laminating, (e.g., catalogues, sales collateral, etc.)
  • Poster laminating, (e.g., movie posters, educational posters, corporate marketing posters, inspirational posters, etc.)
  • Photo laminating
  • Picture laminating
  • Menu laminating
  • Map laminating
  • Architects’ drawings laminating
  • Newspaper articles laminating
  • Manuals and instructions laminating
  • Art / artwork laminating
  • Digital print laminating
  • Graphic display laminating
  • Sales display laminating
  • Business card and ID card laminating

How to Laminate Your Item

Step 1 – Deliver your item for lamination

If you’re interested in laminating posters, photos, documents, or other items, visit one of our stores in Melbourne to take advantage of our laminating services. You can also email us a file that we can print for you (see digital printing).

Step 2 – Choose how you would like it laminated and what thickness

Choose whether you would like double-sided lamination, as when block mounting, or fully encapsulated lamination with a sealed edge bleed.

Choose the thickness of the lamination film for varying degrees of flexibility or rigidity. The most common thicknesses (film gauge) are 75 and 80 microns.

Step 3 – Choose what type of lamination finish you would like

Select the type of lamination finish you would like depending on your use and preference:

  • Gloss lamination has a highly reflective finish, and is ideal for laminating images as it really enhances the contrast and colours (e.g. photo laminating, poster laminating).
  • Matte lamination has a non-reflective finish that’s more suitable for laminating items that need to be read, or trade show posters where spotlights might otherwise cause a reflective ‘flare’ (e.g. document A3 and A4 laminating, some printing laminating, and large exhibit graphics or trade show poster laminating).
  • Sandtex lamination is a non-reflective, scratch-resistant finish with a slight texture, designed for hard-wearing, heavy foot traffic laminating applications such as floor graphics (e.g. supermarket floor graphics).

We use only premium laminating films that contain UV inhibitors to minimise fading due to UVA and UVB exposure.

Step 4 – Your piece is carefully laminated

Your piece is carefully laminated, either double-sided or fully encapsulated, with our precision thermal roll laminators.Our quick turn-around will ensure your piece is ready for pick-up or shipment straight away.

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If you’re interested in high-quality laminating in Melbourne, get in touch with Indigo Framing today. Whether you’re interested in laminating posters, a single photo, a dozen documents, a couple hundred menus, or a thousand promo items, visit or contact one of our shops to consult our expert lamination specialists. See our laminating services locations or contact us today to learn more.

For frequently asked questions relating to our lamination and laminating services, including A4 laminating, A3 laminating, printing laminating, and poster laminating, click here.